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Marina’s Deli is family owned and operated business for almost twenty years. We take pride in our reliability, our wide range of meat, cheese, cevapi, burek, imported groceries, and our commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
It started in 1984 when Savo Vuckovic began making Cevapi for his family in the former Yugoslavia. Years later, after immigrating to Canada he worked as a butcher, but always dreamed of doing more. In 2004 he purchased Marina’s Deli in Windsor, Ontario, and this enabled him to share his Cevapi with everyone

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Fresh Meat


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What Our Customers Say....

Katie Alchin

We swung by this afternoon for a sandwich and stocked up on a few grocery items. The sandwich meat was sliced fresh and the bread was fantastic. Totally delicious and well worth our little trip to Forest Glade.

Katie Alchin
Sandra Bondy

Marina s Deli is my favorite Deli in Windsor. They serve the best quality in meats and cheeses. Also the best Cevapi I’ve ever had! The owner and staff are very friendly and nice.

Sandra Bondy
Stephen Ludschuweit

This is a wonderful delicatessen. The staff is very friendly and helpful. During all this covid-19 b.s. they stayed open and took orders over the phone. They got all the stuff ready for pick up and when I got there all I had to do was pay and leave. In and out in less than 5 minutes. What a great service for the community! Great job!

Stephen Ludschuweit
Amardeep Sandhu

Their subs are fresh and made to order. Just choose your items from the meats and cheeses in the display. No pre sliced meats or cheeses, all cut to order. Fresh bread comes in every day.

Amardeep Sandhu

After hearing about the chevapi that they make I had to go pick some up. By far the best ones I had so far. Just wish they cooked them also that what I wouldn’t have to in this cold weather 😀. Also a great place to get European products.

John Pecho

Great place, amazing people, you feel like part of the family! Highly recommend for people to go and visit.

Jazmyne McCalla

Our Location

 3119 Forest Glade Dr, Windsor, ON